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High-temperature electronics

We have been developing electronics solutions for high usage temperatures for more than 15 years. We can implement temperatures of up to 150 °C by default. Even higher temperatures can also be achieved by specialist solutions.

We consider use of the corresponding components and materials even in design, under consideration of the requirements (ambience temperatures and service life requirements, such as resilience to temperature changes) and, of course, the money that shall be spend on the product. Our experience in the area of thermal design and simulation, as well as power loss, is indispensable for this.

It enables us to ensure that, e. g., the sealing layer temperatures of the semi-conductors do not exceed the admissible threshold values of, e. g. 175°C, in “worst-case” situations in spite of high ambience temperatures. Many of the solutions for high temperatures that we developed have proven their reliability for years and at large numbers.

Carrier materials for high-temperature electronics:

  • High-temperature PCB
  • Ceramics substrates (thick-layer technology or direct copper bonded – DCB)
  • IMS-substrate