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Electronic development | E-motor design | Simulation

Simulation and visualisation for optimum results

Before concepts for newly developed electronics products are technically implemented, they undergo a test in our simulation area. In this way we speed up development processes and reduce the outlay for mechanical measurements.  To ensure that our simulations are realistic we use appropriate tools such as Matlab/Simulink.

System simulation

  • Execution of system simulations, system studies & overall system simulations
  • Model-based function development according to the V-model
  • Simulation of the system conduct of complex processes & modelling of strongly networked systems
  • Time-range analyses (transient simulations)
  • Development of customer-specific models & model expansions
  • Solving general control-technical tasks

Drive simulation

  • Concept comparison & optimisation of drive systems
  • Application-specific optimisation of drive systems regarding the interaction between motor, electronics, & control strategy
  • Simulation of drive & power electronics, motor & control in various model depths/detailing
  • Development & optimisation of control strategies for EC-drives (power loss optimisation, efficiency, & robustness increase, noise optimisation & optimisation of the overall system conduct)
  • Execution of threshold & worst-case simulations

Controller development and design

  • Draft of digital control concepts (MIL-, SIL-, & HIL-simulation)
  • Development of robust control algorithms for EC-drives
  • Regulator design of “low-cost” drive systems
  • Design & concept comparison of sensor-free drive & control procedures
  • Rapid control prototyping – use of real-time development systems
  • Controller design & parameterisation by offline simulation (MIL) & online simulation (HIL)

Circuit and power loss simulation

  • Performance of analogue & digital circuit simulations
  • Power calculation of end stages & inverter systems
  • Detailed simulation of power loss in power end stages/semi-conductors (MOSFETs, IGBTs)
  • Simulation of input filters, noise suppression components, & protective circuits
  • Simulation of hardware circuit modules
  • Component dimensioning of circuit assemblies & individual components
  • Consideration of producer-specific components by import of SPICE models is possible
  • Execution of thresholds & worst-case simulations

Thermal simulation

  • Thermal 3D-FEM-calculations
  • Execution of static & dynamic simulations
  • Simulation of the thermal cooling concept of assemblies & components
  • Determination of the specific thermal resistance of components in the overall system (Rth-/Zth-resistance)
  • Execution of threshold & worst-case simulations
  • Generation of thermal replacement models for direct coupling with the system simulation

E-motor design and calculation

  • Setup & design of electric motors (EC-, DC-, synchronous machines)
  • Geometric design of the magnetic circuit of rotor & stator
  • Construction of sheet cuts
  • Design for high temperatures
  • Analytic calculation & simulation by FEM