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Electronic development | E-motor design | Simulation

Prototype, sample, small series and serial production

We offer production of components as prototypes or small batches for the test phase before serial start-up or for special devices – with the highest standards on product quality and production processes.

Technical equipment

  • Automated SMD placement on high-speed placement machine
  • High-precision scrapers
  • Soldering system (vapour phase)
  • Range of soldering stations with different performance levels
  • Manufacturing with assembly aids to ensures particular geometrical precision
  • Mechanical workshop (e. g. CNC milling)
  • Electro-optical quality testing


  • First function sample (automotive: “A-sample”)
  • Testing sample (“B-sample”, adjusted to the available installation space, incl. all functions)
  • Close-to-series sample (zero batch or “C-sample”) support of the pre-series in the later production environment
  • Small batch, e. g. for special device construction
  • Serial production

Serial production

We specialise in the production of small- or large-quantity serial runs for customers with particularly high quality requirements.

Our services range from managing external production partners and suppliers through production, assembly and testing of each product to storage and logistics. We are also available to you as a consulting partner for the series start-up.